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    Legalizations and translations from and into all languages,
    at low prices

Превод и легализация в София, Център | Reya Translation

От какво да се итнересуваме при ползване на услугите на агенция за преводи

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We at Reya Bulgaria do translations from /to all languages. Trust us!


To be sure and confident that your documents are in order, it is better to legalize them.


Our trusted partners are both individuals and companies with a long history, insisting on quality!

Corporate Customers

Our customers are WorleyParsons, Professional football clubs, Titan, law companies and many others.

Translation, Legalization and many more

The team of Reya Bulgaria EOOD has been working in the translation field since 1992. The company adopted the current name after its last restructurion in 2004.

The company has a contract signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria under No. 1833 of 19.12.2012 for official translations of documents and other papers from Bulgarian into foreign languages and from foreign languages into Bulgarian.

  • Translation
  • Live translation
  • Legalisation
  • Any Language
  • Trustworthy
  • Responsible client and partner
  • Low prices for common languages
  • Best prices for other languages
Превод и легализация в софия, онлайн превод и легализация

Who are we and what we bring to your attention

Translation represents the assignment of a text on paper or electronically, to be translated from one language to another and transmitted in finished form in one of two ways.

The translation is a major part of our business and we have long established positions in the market.

We assist many clients in their educational or professional development.

We offer comprehensive services for certification in all ministries and institutions , embassies and other.

We offer a comprehensive service for the issuance of various documents and sets of documents.

We offer comprehensive services predovacheski region consists of Sofia and the country. We work successfully with sending by courier.

The first group includes the most common languages ​​such as English, German , French, Italian , Spanish, Russian - are respectively the lowest price as a group.

In the second group are Portuguese, Romanian , Greek , Serbian, Croatian , Macedonian, Slovakian, Czech , Polish, Ukrainian, Turkish.

To the third group belong languages ​​such as Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian , Danish, Finnish, Hungarian , Slovenian , Armenian, Georgian , Albanian, Arabic , Farsi , Hebrew.

What are we good at

Translation and legalization of documents and texts from English , German , French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese , Romanian, Greek, Serbian , Croatian, Macedonian, Slovakian, Czech , Polish, Ukrainian, Turkish , Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian , Danish, Finnish, Hungarian , Slovenian , Armenian, Georgian , Albanian, Arabic , Farsi , Hebrew in Sofia and the country.








Live translation



Correct translation


Recommendations from people to us

About us

We also offer legalization in Bulgarian and foreign documents in all Bulgarian institutions, as well as in diplomatic missions of foreign countries in our country.

We have highly qualified translators, proofreaders and editors specialized having at least 50-year experience in the following areas: economics and finance, law, engineering, construction, medicine, arms production, fiction and others.

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E-mail: reya.translation@gmail.comreya@tbc.bg
Phone: 02 986 75 11
Fax: 02 980 89 14
Mobile phone 0897 928 228; 0886 820 907

Information: reya-translation.com


Keep up with the latest developments in the field of translation . New languages ​​, trends and much more.